We have issues...

Issue 1: We have an addiction you should know about. We can’t live without new, awe-inspiring experiences. There appears to be no known cure (other than indulging in new, awe-inspiring experiences).

Issue 2: We’re not gonna lie, we have opinions. Rather strong ones. We believe in collecting experiences, not stuff. We believe in respect for our Earth and all humans and animals on it. We believe happiness means hanging out with those we love often, living simply, getting out in nature, stopping to listen, being authentic and just plain having more fun than Donald Trump with unlimited access to Twitter!

Issue 3: We have obsessive compulsive tendencies. We have an insatiable need to strongly encourage others to partake in our addiction (see issue number 1).

Hence the creation of Travel For Good and why we leap out of bed each morning (with a little help from an over active 5 year old and some caffeine)!

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